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Back From Hell

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LIL RED is the ringleader of the Krypt Kiddies. He is the most cunning of them all and they always heed his advice, even if it is one of the devious variety. He will often lead the Kiddies straight into the center of chaos and then use his charisma to help them out of the mess they created. Lil Red is his name and trouble is his game. The bigger the calamity, the bigger his smile or should we say, evil grin?

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Before meeting his untimely death, Toodles the Clown was the featured performer at many children’s parties. Competition among clowns can be a deadly thing. Toodles was found stuffed in a tiny car with a big grimace on his face instead of his once happy smile. Now, when you are a booking a clown for your next bash, make sure Tantrum doesn’t seek his revenge during your party.

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Jessica Burger was a food critic who really loved her job. Unfortunately, she met her demise doing the thing she loved best. Food poisoning from improper handling was the culprit. She was violently ill before she passed and now she haunted restaurant kitchens to deal with careless employees in her own evil way.

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Rose Gimbel was such a helpful person. Her monthly date at the blood wagon was a passion until the day her nurse forgot about her. She was asleep and her life slowly drained away with her gift of blood. Next time you go to donate blood, pray that Sanguine doesn’t find your nurse and seek her revenge before your nurse gets back to you!

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Patrick Montana had a friend named Frank who considered himself somewhat of an inventor. One night, an accident in the lab caused Patrick to lose his life way before his time. Unable to handle the loss of his friend, Frank tried his best to put him back together again, piece by unsavory piece. Now, Patch is present whether an experiment goes wrong or right!

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A machine repairman by trade, Russell Pevers was working on a job, when he saw the neglect that was done to one of his precious metal friends. Trying to oil some corroded parts, the machine started without warning. Russell’s long, untied hair was yanked into the rotating teeth and his body quickly followed. Now, Rusty is back and it really grinds his gears when people are unsafe in the factories he cherished in life.

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Theresa O’Neil was a sweet banker, who believed her purpose in life was to count, stack, save and take care of people’s money. Before a long holiday weekend, Theresa took her last walk to the vault. The security guard on duty was in such a hurry to start partying early, he unknowingly slammed the door and sealed Theresa’s fate. She left this world entombed by that slacker and, with her dying breath vowed to get revenge. Now, Terror-Esa makes sure no one leaves without her final check!