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In February 2002, a different kind of collectible came into the world. The first Krypt Kiddie was born and sold on eBay. He was just “Cuter Than Hell!” Since then, many more Krypt Kiddies have been meticulously made and adopted by loving mommy’s and daddy’s. Kuddles, the bigger, soft-bodied versions, were made for people who wanted a “real” baby feel. Krypt Kiddies have been made in sizes less than 5 inches to over 46 inches tall! In 2004, Krypt Kiddies were nominated for Horror Toy of the Year! That very same year, in response to increased demand, we presented a retail version of Krypt Kiddies. As Limited Release-Collectibles, Krypt Kiddies are reborn and populated featuring a set of six unique characters. Series 1 through Series 3 were produced and sold in stores all over the United States and throughout the world. Krypt Kiddies have been featured in many national and international magazines, and news articles. They have been on TV and starred in their own comic book. Since first made, thousands of hand-made dolls, toys and sculpts have been made, as well as the three series of retail Kiddies. Today, the fan base is extensive, stretching to many countries and continents. After a long overdue absence, Krypt Kiddies are back. Please welcome our new series, “Back From Hell” – led by Ring Leader, Lil Red.

Ed & Rita Creator of Krypt Kiddies

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